Identity Theft

Notify Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co. immediately at 866.554.6066, as well as any other financial institutions you use if you are a victim of Identity Theft. 

Close all accounts in your name that were opened without your permission and those that have been associated with fraud. Make sure you communicate with the businesses in writing. 

Take Charge - What to do if your Identity is Stolen Guide offers step by step instructions on what to do if you are victim of identity theft.

If you are an Advantage Club Checking Account member, you have the security benefit - Identity Theft 911. You can login into the Advantage Club site to find out more about this. 

Customer Awareness Tips

Inform the following organizations and authorities:

Credit Bureaus
Contact the three Credit Reporting Bureaus and request a fraud alert be placed on your credit report. 

  • Equifax: 1.800.525.6285
  • Experian: 1.800.397.3742
  • Trans Union: 1.800.680.7289


File a report with your local law enforcement agency; be sure to obtain a case number and copy of the report. Even if the person isn't caught, filing the report can help in clearing up your credit records. 

Follow up by notifying the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) online or by phone at 1.877.ID-Theft. They will assist you in completing an Identity Theft Affidavit. 

If you identify suspicious activity in your investment accounts, alert the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by calling 800.732.0330.

Minimize your risk by managing your personal information:

  • Monitor bank activity.
  • Create strong passwords and memorize them.
  • Store your checks, checkbook and personal information in a safe place.
  • Do not give out personal information (phone, mail, fax over over the internet) unless you have initiated the contact.
  • Before sharing your personal information with merchants, understand how it will be used.
  • Keep track of your debit and credit cards.
  • Lock your card, house and valuables.
  • Guard trash from theft and shred all documents containing personal information.
  • Use anti-virus software on computers and do not login to unsecure networks while transmitting personal information.

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