Personal Trusts

Trusts can provide protection and management of assets now and after your death, which is important for you in the event you become incapacitated or if your beneficiaries are inexperienced or unable to handle an inheritance. Personal Trust Services offered at the Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co. includes:

Revocable Living Trust

The trust will be created during your lifetime and assets are re-titled in the trust name. As "trustee" you retain control over the assets and upon death they pass to the trust beneficiaries without probate. At your death, we administer the terms of the trust according to the plan you design in the trust document.

Testamentary Trust

The trust is created under your will and take effect after your estate is settled. You are assured of professional and impartial administration of your wishes. This trust is often used to protect minors or those beneficiaries who cannot manage an inheritance. You will specify how the trust funds will be used and name a Trustee to manage the trust after your death.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

The trust will provide for liquidity for estate settlement costs, taxes and family needs when assets may not be readily marketable.   

For information or an appointment, please contact one of our Trust Professionals listed below to discuss your objectives and how a trust might be what you and your family need. 

Please call toll free 888.554.6066.


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