Cash Management Solutions

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running a business and vital in today’s competitive marketplace. Our products assist you in calculating daily cash positions and planning the most efficient use of your funds.  Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co. makes it simple for a business to improve their cash position with cash management products.


Electronic Cash Manager

This powerful tool enables you to manage your business accounts electronically and have secure access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You can transact business from your office, home or anywhere with a computer and internet access. For more information about our Cash management product, click on view demo.


Electronic Cash Manager is comprised of various service groups that let you purchase and use the products that are of value to you:

  • Collecting Cash
    Accelerate your cash flow and speed collections
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  • Disbursing Cash
    Improve your cash concentration and collections process. Direct Deposit payroll solutions.
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  • Managing Cash
    Solution to help maximize your cash flow and reduce expenses.
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  • Account Reconciliation
    Image solutions to help with account reconcilement.
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Electronic Cash Manager



  • View current and previous day account information
  • Balance Reporting which provides information of transactions coming in each day to let you know how much you need to fund your account to cover checks which will clear that night.
    The account information is available by 12:30 p.m CST each day and the account must be funded account by 4:00 p.m CST.
  • Online statements with up to 24 months of account history
  • Transfer funds among designated accounts
  • Make payments to loans and lines of credit
  • Unlimited online bill payment transactions
  • Alerts on account balances, transactions and more
  • Download account information into Quickbooks which can reduce data entry time during account reconcilement
  • Manage users with administrative controls that allows the business to establish specific account access privileges and restrictions for functions the employees handle
  • Set transaction limits


Collecting Cash

The Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co. has a variety of products to help you manage your daily cash flow needs:


Electronic Office Deposit

Electronic Office Deposit is a service that enables a business to scan checks and transmit deposits electronically from any location with an internet connection.  It allows your business to scan, image and transmit deposits electronically from your business. The benefits of Electronic Office Deposit are numerous and measureable.


Electronic Office Deposit Benefits:

  • Offers convenience by reducing the number of trips to the bank
  • Better availability of your funds – no more next day deposits
  • Save on personnel time and transportation costs
  • Employee safety
  • Improved efficiency – depositing checks takes minutes instead of hours
  • Consolidation of accounts if you have multiple locations
  • Faster research – view deposited check images
  •  Collect faster on insufficient deposited items
  • Maximum security – transactions encrypted from start to finish


How it works:

For more information about our Electronic Office Deposit product, click on view demo or contact our Electronic Banking Officer, Jennifer Eidson (270) 522-2154 for a live demonstration and pricing information.  


Overview of Electronic Office Deposit:

  • Use a Windows-based PC with internet access to deposit checks to your Bank of Cadiz Business account at any time which makes funds available sooner.
  • Choose a scanner to capture check images and Bank of Cadiz provides the Electronic Office Deposit software to manage and balance deposited items.
  • The Electronic Office Deposit system electronically transmits your deposits through a secure interface to Bank of Cadiz for processing.


After deposits are posted to your account, you can retrieve images and verify account balances from Bank of Cadiz Electronic Cash Manager.


ACH Origination

By using ACH (Automated Clearing House) you can create electronic transfers to or from accounts of other businesses or individuals directly to your business account via ACH.  ACH debits typically represent accounts receivable transactions and moves those funds and credits them to your business account.


ACH is a reliable, accurate, confidential and convenient way to conduct business.


ACH Origination Benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Improve cash flow
  • Electronically debit customer accounts
  • Increase funds availability
  • Enhance accounts receivable processing
  • Electronically transfer excess balances between accounts at different banks


Contact our Electronic Banking Officer, Jennifer Eidson (270) 522-2154 for more information about the ACH product and pricing.


Disbursing Cash

With the Electronic Cash Manager you will be able to select from various products to control how and when your funds are disbursed.



With the ACH product you can initiate ACH transactions to or from accounts of other businesses and individuals directly to your business account.  As with disbursing cash, ACH credits are typically thought of as payroll deposits to employees, electronic tax payments or employee expense reimbursement.


Benefits of ACH:

  • Simplify your payroll process
  • Time savings
  • Reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Make electronic tax payments
  • Enable reimbursements, dividend payments and commissions
  • Increase employee satisfaction


Wire Transfers & Stop Payments

Through our secure Electronic Cash Manager, you can initiate both domestic and international outgoing wire transfers.


Wire Transfer & Stop Payment Benefits:

  • Time savings
  • Perfect for the recurring outgoing wire transfers
  • Place stop payments and inquire about the status of checks
  • Discount on outgoing wire transfers when using the Electronic Cash Manager


Contact our Electronic Banking Officer, Jennifer Eidson (270) 522-2154 for more information about ACH, Wire Transfer and placing Stop Payments.


Managing Cash

Our automatic Credit Line Sweep¹ helps your business control interest expense and simplifies the daily task of determining your cash position.  The Credit Line Sweep will help maximize your earnings and minimize line of credit interest expense.


Credit Line Sweep

How it works:

On each banking day, the Credit Line Sweep will compare the actual collected balance in the designated account to a minimum and a maximum control balance to be established jointly by the bank and the business.


¹Lines of Credit are subject to credit approval

If the actual collected balance exceeds the maximum control balance, excess funds will automatically be transferred to the company’s line of credit balance.  If there is no balance on the line of credit the excess funds will remain in the account.


Contact Linda Terrell, our Loan Operations Manager, 270-522-2144 for more information about the Credit Line Sweep product.


Account Reconciliation

Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co. offers check imaging solutions to help meet the needs of your business. This product is designed for the business that issues a high volume of checks a more efficient way to reconcile bank statements and other transactions monthly.


  • eDocuments – allows you to view and print your check images online up to 24 months
  • CD-Rom Check Image Archive
    • Receive your bank statements, images of checks and deposit tickets
    • Reports paid checks in numerical order including the date paid
    • Improves accounting and reconciliation accuracy
    • Offers a convenient and effective storage and research solution


Contact our Bookkeeping department at 270-522-1125 or 888-314-8044 for more information about the Account Reconciliation products.